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ILC Steering Panel


Upon the establishment of the ILC International Development Team (IDT) by the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) on 2nd August, 2020, the International Linear Collider project has entered the transitional phase towards the ILC Pre-Lab in a time frame of one to one and a half years.
In order to facilitate the transition, the Japan High Energy Physics Committee (HEPC) that represents Japan Association of High Energy Physicists (JAHEP) established the ILC Steering Panel (hereafter referred to as ‘Panel’). This document sets out the terms of reference of the Panel.


The mandate of the Panel is to lead the high energy physics community in Japan to advance the ILC project towards its timely realization , including:

  • developing coherent promotion strategies and putting them into action,
  • in promotion of the ILC project, cooperating with other scientific communities, government authorities, legislators, corporate leaders, regional governments, and media, as well as international communities and authorities,
  • cooperating closely with the IDT and KEK.

The Panel will regularly report its activities to the HEPC. Important decision items will be discussed by the HEPC and shared in the high energy physics community in Japan.


The Panel members are appointed by the HEPC.


The HEPC will review the progress by the end of 2021 and decide how to proceed thereafter.

Members of JAHEP ILC Steering Panel

as of 28th October, 2020

  • Kazunori HanagakiKEK
  • Toru IijimaNagoya University
  • Kiyotomo KawagoeKyushu University
  • Sachio KomamiyaWaseda University
  • Shinichiro MichizonoKEK
  • Toshinori MoriUniversity of Tokyo
  • Hitoshi MurayamaUC Berkeley/Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo
  • Yutaka UshirodaKEK
  • Hitoshi YamamotoTohoku University/IFIC Valencia
  • Satoru YamashitaUniversity of Tokyo / Chair